A Year of Dreaming 242/365

$75.00 USD
A Year of Dreaming 242/365

Created on July 26th, 2021
Original post: https://bit.ly/3QJAZrx

There are currently 10 prints available.

Size 18x24” (45x60cm)

Only 10 editions of each artwork will ever be printed, each edition is signed and numbered.

Printed on high quality matte photo paper. The artwork ships in a tube and is not framed.

Please allow 2-3 business days for processing and shipping.

A year of dreaming was a year long project (2020-2021), dreamed up between reality, VR and photoshop. A single visual work was created and published every single day for 365 days. Born out of creative frustration and mounting creative blocks it was a way to find self in the overwhelming creative anxiety and to discover a way to express artistic self in the day to day regardless of circumstances. No expectations, no plan, a pure visual experimentation to test the limits of each medium and explore them further, to discover new landscapes and worlds in the process, teleporting myself through a dream into a different dimension every single day.